Binaural Beats - Benefits and History

Published: 09th August 2010
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All through history men have used music in some form as a spiritual and holistic way of healing. There are many benefits of binaural beats ranging from meditative values to claims of increased creative functioning. Binaural beats were officially discovered in 1839 by a scientist named Heinrich Dove, though there wasn't advancement in binaural audio until the early 70's.

Looking history we can see how monks and tribal society benefited from binaural beats. Many people use tribal drumming in their meditation because of how they react to it. Various beats can cause different reaction in the brain and our body. Drumming is a good example some drumming can influence our behavior. Tribal War drums can rally the tribe members into a frenzy, but those same drums can be used to calm members into meditative state.

Gregorian Chants are also a good example of binaural beats. It is the rhythm of beats within the chants that the monks benefit from. Many people enjoy the benefits of binaural beats without realizing it. All of our modern music at its base roots use beats to influence how we feel and move, not unlike the classical era. Beats have an effect on us in a physical way that can be tangible like when you can feel the bass beat in a car or at a concert.

Binaural beats have has a long history that has provided benefits for many people. Today there are binaural beats programs that have been developed in order to assist people with self-improvement. Binaural beats actually have an effect on the brain in that they are capable of changing the brainwave patterns of the brain. This is capability has been used to help people learn to focus better, learn faster and retain a better memory.

Binaural beats provide an easy solution for people who are looking for a way to improve themselves without having to make a huge change to their daily lifestyles because of the fact that binaural beats can be used on the go. Today's binaural audio therapies are available in MP3 format and they can provide benefits to the listener simply by the listener placing headphones on for about 30 minutes and listening closely to the binaural beats. In some cases the binaural beats are even blended with soothing music to make the listening experience even more enjoyable.

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